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Our Foundations for Digital Managers and Practitioners course is a two-day course designed to provide knowledge of the foundational set of concepts for the Digital Manager and Practitioner to create, deliver and improve digital products in any size organization.

The course can help:

  • Individuals who wish to create and manage product offerings with an increasing digital component, or lead their organization through Digital Transformation
  • IT professionals working within any size organization, from a startup through to a large enterprise, that has adopted digital approaches The learning objectives at this level focus on knowledge and comprehension.

Course key concepts and themes covered:

  • The key concepts of Digital Transformation, and Digital-First
  • The basic concepts (“the Digital Fundamentals”) employed by the Digital Practitioner
  • The capabilities of digital infrastructure
  • The fundamental objectives and activities of application development
  • Why there is need for formalized product management as a company or team grows
  • The key concerns and practices of work management as a team increases in size
  • The basic concepts and practices of operations management in a digital/IT context
  • How to coordinate as an organization grows into multiple teams and multiple organizations
  • IT investment and portfolio management, including finance, sourcing, portfolio management, service catalogs, and project management
  • Organizational structure, human resources, and cultural factors, as an organization goes through the “team of teams” transition
  • Governance, risk, security, and compliance, as an organization operates at enterprise scale
  • Information and data management on a large scale, including the establishment of formal governance, control, and management techniques for information
  • Practices and methods for managing complexity using Enterprise Architecture.

Course Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for the course.  However, students should access and become familiar with navigating the contents of the free online version of The DPBoK™ Standard available at:

Target audience:

The target audience for this certification includes, but is not limited to:

  • Senior digital business professionals, up to and including C-level, who need increased awareness of digital practices
  • Mid-career IT professionals who need retraining to stay relevant and validate digital Subject Matter Expert (SME) status in specific domain areas
  • Entry-level computing and digital business professionals
  • College-level students and computing and digital business majors

Why you and your staff may need digital workforce training

Maybe your company is under attack from innovators in your space and you’re sensing your IT staff’s skills or approaches have become outdated…Or, you were just awarded a new contract, and now you’re thinking that your team might need help delivering on the promises you made in the proposal.

Enrolling your IT staff in a well-chosen Digital course offering is one of the best ways to bring increased value quickly by getting your entire staff moving in the right direction again. (See blog “Digi get it™?” on why Digital training is different than IT best practice training of the past).

Even more reasons why you or your workforce may need Digital training…

…If you don’t understand that Lean, Agile, DevOps and Product Management’s influence on software development and operations has grown way beyond software development and into the entire realm of IT management and governance, you might want to take this course…

…If you don’t know or understand that we are at the beginning of decades-old legacy project management’s fall as the dominant method for introducing new IT capabilities, you might want to take this course…

…if you don’t understand why product management approaches are preferred by leading practitioners over both project and service management approaches in IT—even for managing IT services and “projects”—you might want to take this course…

…If you don’t understand why the leading ITSM and Project Management brands are scrambling to save the “j” in project management and “S” in ITSM, you might want to take this course…..

…If you don’t understand why many legacy architecture and design approaches tend to create hard to change, monolithic IT systems, you might want to take this course…

…if you do understand “disrupt or be disrupted” realities, yet don’t understand how your organizational structures and culture also needs to change to not squash your other areas of digital maturity, you might want to take this course…

…and even if you do understand many of the above, if you don’t understand how legacy IT financial management or legacy IT governance approaches will severely constrain your actual areas of digital maturity, you might want to take this course…

…If you are managing or governing an IT department, and you been caught off guard with the lightning pace at which digitally-enabled competitors are jumping into your market space, you might want to take this course…

…If large numbers of your IT staff, IT managers, or line business staff don’t understand these very well, you may want to get them in this course…

…if you’re a newly-appointed CIO, and you’ve been given a ridiculously short timeframe and little budget with which to “right the boat,” you might want to get you and your staff in this course!


Course Price: $1600 / seat; $1200 for military or federal, state or local government employees. Order your live or virtual classroom course by contacting us here.


DPBoK Exam Voucher Policy and Procedures

The course fee includes a FREE exam voucher, and these must be used within a 12 month period.

Exam vouchers will be emailed to all delegates immediately after the last class.


Our vision is to empower IT organizations in their pursuit of Digital and digital value optimization goals, therefore all courses are taught by a seasoned practitioner who emphasizes quick-wins and infuses all courses with practical and lean implementation guidance.


Our Foundations for Digital Managers and Practitioners course is Accredited Training Course (ATC) by The Open Group, the Certification Authority of the DPBoK™ Certification for People program.

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